The Omnibus Project
The Omnibus Project

Working Together 

The Omnibus Project would like to make links with other groups and organisations offering support to people with additional needs - our current list can be found below:

SENsational Choir

This choir for people with disabilities and their siblings meet on the first Saturday of every month at Canterbury Primary School from 10am. It is FREE to attend and great fun so why not go along and make some new friends so visit their Facebook page

Born Anxious

Do you know someone who finds clothes difficult to cope with? Please check out this great Company which designs clothing and accessories using softer materials with no labels whilst raising awareness of the issues facing children with less visable disabilities such as Autism - check out their website or visit their Facebook page

Butterflies PAs and Support

A new organisation opening in 2023 based in Margate to provide PAs for young adults with disabilities and Autism.

Contact Tel: (07903) 964555 and


The Special Needs Advisory and Activities Project (SNAAP)

This Charity are a good source of support for families looking for appropriate activities for children and young people with special needs and for advice on a range of subjects.


This organisation looks at Dental Health for all and they have produced a guide for people with Autism about dental services. Please click on the link below to find out more:



Sleep Problems and ASD

This article by Amerisleep may help those supporting individuals with ASD who struggle with sleeping.

Please click on the link below to find out more:

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