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Adult Art Classes and Groups

At The Omnibus Project we are keen to encourage adults to explore the joys of being creative by offering a range of different art and craft workshops. Come and learn new skills such as paper cutting, mosaic making, iris folding, card making, make your own Christmas gifts or upcycle a piece of furniture. These sessions are a good way to try out a variety of different crafts without the expense of buying all the equipment until you are sure that you like it!!


Workshops may be one off sessions or a block of four working on developing various techniques related to one skill such as paper crafts or mosaic. Individual 1:1 sessions can also be arranged to help you perfect a skills without anyone else knowing!!


1:1 sessions are £25 per hour, single session classes are £15 or a block of 4 weeks £40 (a weekly saving of £5 per week). See below for the classes planned so far but this may be subject to change if there is a lot of interest in one area and not as much in another. Teaching classes are a maximum of 10 people


You can also arrange your own group session for a cost of £15.00 per head for groups between 6 and 12 people (Fridays and Saturdays ONLY). This would make a great birthday or hen night activity as you can bring your own food and drink (if you want more than tea, coffee or squash that is!) to make it a complete experience.

Please contact us to find out what we can offer.

Adult Art / Craft Sessions:

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are available during these sessions.

All sessions start at 7pm and finish at 8.30pm - please be prompt as sessions will start on time regardless of whether you are there and no refunds wil be offered for missed time. NB: If you have to miss a session for personal reasons we will try to add you to the next available group learning the skill / area that you missed. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances and no substitutions of participants will be allowed unless by prior agreement with the Project / Session Leader.


Art / Craft Type of Session Cost per person Block Booking Available*
28/02/19 Paper Cutting Paper Craft Session 1 £15.00 Yes  - £10*
07/03/19 Iris Folding Paper Craft Session 2 £15.00 Yes - £10*
14/03/19 Collage and papier mache Paper Craft Session 3 £15.00 Yes - £10*
21/03/19 Paper Flowers Paper Craft Session 4 £15.00 Yes - £10*
28/03/19 Basic Drawing Drawing from observation £15.00 No
04/04/19 Paint a box Design and paint your own small wooden storage box £15.00 No
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