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Story Catalogue

Below is a list of the stories currently available to hire. We are constantly adding to our collection and updating our resources so if we do not have your favourite story please contact us and we will try and put together a package for you:

Title of Story Resource Reference Author of Book(s) Story Level Availability
Up and Down SS001 Oliver Jeffers 2 Available
The Snowman SS002 Raymond Briggs 3 Available
Superworm SS003   Julia Donaldson 3 Available
Aladdin SS004    Antoine Galland 4 Available
Room on a Broom SS005   Julia Donaldson 2 Available
Say Hello to Jungle Animals SS006     Ian Whybrow 1 Available
One Snowy Night SS007    Nick Butterworth 3 Available
The Gingerbread Man SS008      Estelle Corke 2 Available
Man on the Moon SS009     Simon Bartram 3 Available
The Way Back Home SS010 Oliver Jeffers 2 Available
Musicians of Bremen SS011   Barbara Vagnozzi 2 Available
Peter Pan SS012        J. M. Barrie 4 Available
The Gruffalo / The Gruffalo's Child SS013    Julia Donaldson 3 Available
Snow White SS014    Brothers Grimm 4 Available
The Snail and the Whale SS015    Julia Donaldson 3 Available
Lost and Found SS016 Oliver Jeffers 2 Available
How to Catch a Star SS017 Oliver Jeffers 2 Available
The Smartest Giant in Town SS018     Julia Donaldson 2 Available
A Squash and a Squeeze SS019 Julia Donaldson 2 Available
The Hare and the Tortoise SS020       Aesop Fable 1 Available
Very Snowy Christmas SS021   Hendry/Chapman 3 Available
Zagazoo SS022      Quentin Blake 4 Available
Cave Baby SS023  Donaldson/Gravett 3 Available
Wanda and the Alien SS024        Sue Hendra 1 Available
Elmer's Colours SS025       David Mckee 1 Available
Goldilocks and the Three Bears SS026       Estelle Corke 2 Available
All Afloat on Noah's Boat SS027  Mitton/Parker-Rees 3 Available
The Dinosaur Games SS028      David Bedford 3 Available
The Wizard of Oz SS029     L. Frank Baum 4 Available
Owl Babies SS030     Martin Waddell 1/2 Available
The Rainbow Fish SS031      Marcus Pfister 2 Available
Wind in the Willows SS032   Kenneth Grahame 4 Available
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