The Omnibus Project
The Omnibus Project

Disabled / Special Needs Friendly Facilities in South East Kent


Wheelchair swing now installed in Radnor Park, Folkestone

Accessible Bicycles available at Toddler's Cove, Canterbury - lots of styles available

Inclusive Play Park in Exeter - we need these in Kent too!

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Sources of Sensory Materials:

Should you wish to create your own sensory story boxes or purchase resonably price sensory equipment we have provided some suggestions for providers of good value sensory materials OR search your local charity shops and boot fairs!!

This company offer a wide range of sensory materials at a reasonable cost. They have a good range of sensory lighting and we would recommend that you take a look at their website as they often have good items in their special offers and clearance sections.

A good source of sensory materials. It is worth looking at the smaller individual pieces rather than the package deals as you get more value for money but ensuring you only purchase one of each object that you need - some packages have multiple items which are the same and this is not always as cost effective.

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